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Meat Sculptures

The Bacon Mug

by Meat Lover on January 16, 2010

Everyday I wonder to myself “How can I become a better meatatarian?”.  It is a hard question and one that requires serious consideration.  If you eat all the right meat and ensure that you are following the Meatatarian Diet of having bacon with every meal it sometimes is hard to find a way to get more meat.

Well our problems have been solved thanks to one of our Meatatarian Scientists who has recently come up with a way to ensure that you are always enjoying your meat to the fullest.  This bacon mug is sure to bring a smile to your face and a hint of jealously from our vegan-weeny friends. 

I raise, to you, a Bacon Mug of beer!  Here’s to Bacon! 

Personally I fill my bacon mug with a beef fat puree. bacon, fat, food, mugTechnorati Tags: , ,

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The Meatatarian Narwhal

by Meat Lover on January 15, 2010

The Bacon Narwhal is truly an amazing creation.  Made with delicious bacon, plump chicken breasts, pepperoni, and some pepper jack cheese, how could this artistic creation not belong in your belly.

You can read all about the creation of this Meatatarian Meal at Incoherent Ramblings and bask in the glory that is meat.

Let us all raise a Narwhal Horn in honor of today’s Meatatarian dish.

The Meatatarian Bacon Narwhale ready for eating.

Eating The Meatatarian Bacon Narwhal
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Inaugural Launch of Club Meatatarian

by Meat Lover on January 5, 2010

Club Meatatarian was born from the idea that meat can’t be beat.  This blog will feature meat inspired t shirts, gifts, recipes, videos and anything else filled with tasty, tasty meat.

With the launch of a website how could I not start off with the launch of the Meat Ship.

For your viewing please, heaven in a boat.

Club Meatatarian – saving the planet one vegetable at a time

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